Saffron Exports

Edible or saffron crocus(crocus sativus) is a small perennial plant with the height of 10 to 30 cm.From the middle or base of the bulb and stem,narrow and long leaves emerge. From the middle of leaves, flower stalks emerge that lead to three goal branches.Beautiful flowers with six purple petals, which in some varieties may shift to purple or violent color.

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Date Exports

Date is a mono cots and tropical vegetable falling under the category of palms, while it can be found hanging from the trees in a cluster order, its fruit is eatable and contains a hard seed followed by a soft cover and sweet taste. The height of palm trees can reach 10 to 20 meters or more. Khaarak , Kharak or Khark or Kang (haba bok in Arabic) is the name given to the unripe fruit of date.

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Pistachio Exports

Pistachio is a plant species. Growth in countries like Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, West side of Afghanistan. Pistachio production in Iran in 2005 is equivalent to 190,000 tons, which makes Iran the number one producer. After Iran, U.S with the production of 140,000 tons is the second and Turkey stand at third place with the production of 000.60 tons.

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Raisin Exports

Raisin is dried grape which is full of iron, potassium, Calcium and vitamins b. on the other hand raisins has antioxidant properties and prevents cells damages. Raisin is grown and dried fruit of grapes which is sold with different names in market according to grapes type and drying method and conditions and authorized additives in it and are found in all years like other nuts. Raisins fiber prevents colon cancer and the growth of abnormal cells and leads to control of blood sugar in the body and it is useful for treating disorders of the stomach and constipation. Raisin use removes weakness or paralysis of the body and caused the loss of excess water in the body, strengthen the body, and make the mouth fragrant and it is a good source of fiber, antioxidants and energy in the body.

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