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Raisin Exports

Raisin is dried grape which is full of iron, potassium, Calcium and vitamins b. on the other hand raisins has antioxidant properties and prevents cells damages. Raisin is grown and dried fruit of grapes which is sold with different names in market according to grapes type and drying method and conditions and authorized additives in it and are found in all years like other nuts. Raisins fiber prevents colon cancer and the growth of abnormal cells and leads to control of blood sugar in the body and it is useful for treating disorders of the stomach and constipation. Raisin use removes weakness or paralysis of the body and caused the loss of excess water in the body, strengthen the body, and make the mouth fragrant and it is a good source of fiber, antioxidants and energy in the body.

Nutrition experts believe that eating raisins during the day helps to boost memory and protect people from Alzheimer disease. Also much fiber in raisins helps to lower cholesterol and improve bowel function. In addition, we can name potassium which reduces blood pressure and prevent the passage of body fluid and there is plenty in raisins. Consumption of raisins because of its calcium is good for bone health and prevents osteoporosis. Also selenium in raisins is excellent for the skin.

Raisin has been  produced in Iran and Egypt from 2000 BC. Raisin was used in Rom as a reward for those who have decorated holy places and those who have won sporting events. Farmers across Iran produce different varieties of raisins and grapes using different methods,these Rasisins com in handy in different matters such as cooking, nuts and Distillate production.The best grapes are produced in Takestan, Kashmar and Buin Zahra. But  Malayer District makes the top qality raisins.

City of Kashmar,with 3 thousand and 200 hectares of  vineyard to produce fine grapes and raisins,is named khorasan pantry. because it is gentle, sweet and early bloomer,this product is unique for avoidance of contact contact between its cluster and clay soil contamination and soil. Kashmar plantation uses no chemical toxin and for this reason its grapes have no pesticide residues.

25% of Kashmar grapes are eaten freshly and the other 75% is converted into raisins. Kashmar raisin production which is produced in two ways of green and gold is famous as Kashmar slender green raisins that many countries have requested.

Kashmar raisin with 3-pound packages is known as Kashmar slender green raisins in the country and has global fame. The status of Kashmar raisin is in a high level because of its high quality, color and taste so that this product has found its real position in the national level and export. Kondor city is one of the most important grape production centers in Kashmar district with a long history which is planted different kinds of grapes such as Asgari, Peukamy, Yaghuti , Sepidari, Rish baba, Sahebi, Rezghi, crazy, la'al, Baj, Black, Black and red maske and … . Major product of Asgari and Peykami grapes turn to yellow and green raisins and other varieties are consumed mainly as fresh.

One of the city of Hamedan province is Malayer. This province has many grapes gardens and most of the grapes are raisins grapes. Malayer raisins is famous among the general and special provinces. There are two kinds of grapes, red and green. Green raisins is posted in acid green and dry in shade but red raisins dry in the sun and on the soil. Green raisins are used mostly as snacks but red raisins are used in foods like water dough and raisin and rice.

Types of raisins:

Slender green raisins

Cold emulsion is used to prepare green raisin which is the mixture of certain percentage of potassium carbonate and oil raisins (Australian oil). They mix one liter of oil and 2.5 kg of potassium carbonate in 100 liter water. After picking the grapes are cleaned and immersed in a solution (20 to 30 sec depends on grapes type) and then they are hanged on wire strands in health court to dry. Green raisins are produced in this way and if we want we can use sulfur gas to produced smoked raisins. In this way sulfur powder is poured in a small tray and it is burnt. To make the distribution of sulfur homogeneous, some valves are installed in court that with the gradual opening and closing, air flow is established in court.

Yellow raisin (smoked)

All of its preparation steps are like green raisins items which sulfur gas is used for smoked raisins in this way. Thus the sulfur powder is poured in a small tray and burnt it. To make the distribution of sulfur homogeneous, some valves are installed in court that with the gradual opening and closing, air flow is established in court.

Typhi raisins

To prepare Typhi raisins, different kinds of grapes are used such as brunette figure mall, Rezghi and so on. Typhi raisins are immersed in acid solution like sun raisins. And the only different between them is Type rasines are dried on the rope instead of hanging in the sun.

Sun raisins

To produce this raisin ragham peykani and rasmi are used. For this purpose, after harvesting the grapes, they are dipped in acid solution. And then spread on the clean place and exposed to direct sun light.

Currant raisins

To prepare currant, ragham rezghi is used mostly. For this purpose, after harvesting the grapes, they are spread on a clean place and free from any contamination and after drying they are gathered and kept in huge baskets.

Benefits of raisins

1- Raisin is nutritious dried fruit and can be found like other nuts all year. It is a high-energy diet, low-fat and low-sodium.

    So it is useful for people who need to follow a low sodium diet.

2- Raisins have antioxidant feature and prevent cell disruption

3- Raisins have an important role in bone health and osteoporosis prevention. For this reason it is useful for women before  


4- It is a good source of vitamin D and estrogen.

5- Though raisins are sweet and sticky, does not damage the teeth. Even it can be told this dried fruit prevents tooth

    decay. Raisin is essential for healthy teeth and gums.

6- Raisins are a good source of vitamins and nutrients of body. Elements and vitamins like iron, potassium, calcium and

    vitamin B can be found in raisins.

7- Raisins contain a lot of iron. 600g raisins provide 90% of daily body iron requirement. 100g raisins have almost 1.88 mg

    iron, while 100g of beef has iron between 2-4 mg.

8- Raisins are a good source of fiber, antioxidant and also energy.

9- Fiber causes colon cancer preventing, helps inhibit the abnormal growth of cells and also glycemic.

10- Add raisin to meat to decrease food fat and increase fiber an iron and reduce sodium.

11- Antioxidant reduces aging and diseases resulting from it.

12- Raisins prevent cancer.

13- Raisins reduce LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood and decrease heart diseases.

14- If you use raisin every day for 4 weeks, antioxidant increases in blood and bad cholesterol (LDL) decreases.

15- Raisins cause stress reduction.

16- This dried fruit causes proper functioning of the body's blood vessels.

17- Raisins are used to treat disorders of the stomach and constipation. To prevent these diseases you can wet 5-6

      raisins and then drink that its water after a few hours.

18- Researches have shown those athletes who use one cup of raisins before and during exercise, protect their body cells

      better than others.

19- Raisins have the property of rapid intake of energy and weight loss due to fructose.

20-  Raisins are also good for eye health like carrot.

21- Raisins strengthen nerves.

22-  Raisins remove weakness and paralysis of the body.

23- Remove wrath bye eating grapes.

24- Raisins cause the loss of excess water in the body.

25- Raisins are the freshener of the mouth.

26- Raisins reduce spasms or muscle tension.


Mobtakeran Company is Raisin export sole-sale Company of Iran Raisin, including Seedless Tizaaby (Soltani), Seedless Sunny, Golden, Currant, Green (Kashmari) using direct price of the farmer or a price correction. In the following table you can become familiar with the types of dates export. 

Product name Description Pictures
Tizaaby Is classified into two types: Web seed beads, with different colors ranging from light yellow to tan, it’s dry variety that contains authorized alkaline.  
Sunny Is mature fruit of seedless grapes that have been dried using direct sunlight which turns the final product into brown.  
Golden Is mature fruit of seedless grapes that have been dried using dry sulfur smoke which turns the final product into light brown or golden  
Currant (dark) It has been dried using direct sunlight  
Green Grape Seed, long stretched and green which has been dried using dry sulfur.  



Given the importance of packaging in export sales and increase product quality and thanks to latest technological packaging for exportation and analysis of marketing team and commercial sector,All Raisins packages for the purpose of exportation are packaged in cellophane box and Nylon box and available in 100 g,200 g,500 g,1000 g size while health principles is provided in compliance with all. 

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