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Date Exports

Date is a mono cots and tropical vegetable falling under the category of palms, while it can be found hanging from the trees in a cluster order, its fruit is eatable and contains a hard seed followed by a soft cover and sweet taste. The height of palm trees can reach 10 to 20 meters or more. Khaarak , Kharak or Khark or Kang (haba bok in Arabic) is the name given to the unripe fruit of date.


Routab is the state of unripe for date, which contains less sweetness and more moist than the fully ripe date.

Date fruit falls under berry category, which means that all of its fruit contains nutrition values. Date has been contained in human diet from ancient periods, and is one of the ancient fruits to be harvested by humans

Date contains 25% Sucrose, 50% Glucose and albominuid materials and Pectin and water.

It also contains vitamins such as A, B, C, E and some minerals.

Plantation history

Date palms are produced in tropical and half tropical environments such as Iran.

Although its origin is thought to be Saudi Arabia and  North of  Africa, how ever scientific researchers have related it to P.H. Silvestris species which grows in India. Archaeologists have related the creation of Groves to 5000 years ago, because its name was mentioned on 50 centuries old tablets.

Harvesting of dates and palms in Iran goes back to Achaemenian era. Palms are mentioned in Sasanian literature such as Bandheshen book. Chinese resources (Ishan boosi language ,Chinese spelling of Farsi) called Iran as the land of Palm trees which is known to them by the name of Farsi grape and 1000 years old grape.

By the end of ninth century Chinese took Iranian palm trees and planted them, In European countries Spain is in the lead.Basket and mat are produced from its leaves and branches, bread is produced from it’s seed while honey can be produced from its fruit. Deserters create flour from its seed and bake breads with it or make coffee by roasting it, mainly because roasted seed is very delightful, some times it is socked in the water for a period of days and given to camels as a nutrition food.

Types of dates

  • Bushehr local varieties in dates include:Qasab, Kabkaab, Samaroon, Shekar, Sisi, Halv, Sarvary, Zandani, Khash en Khaar, Stack Sar kho, Marso, Khaasoiy, Jamadi, Birami, Tiras, Shahabi, Lash, Condi, Khanizi, Samili,Khazravi, Gantaar, Barimi, Sheikh Ali, Zaamerdo, DehDareb, Ahromi, Khaavizi, Khaavar, Makti, Shaakhoni, Mosala, Juzi,Ghasab and Radasti
  • Hormozgan local varieties in dates include: Pyarm, Marde Snag, Halili, Mazafati, Khasuyi, Khanizi, Shahani, Karite, Zarak, KalakSorkh
  • Jiroft local varieties in dates include: Ali Meteri, Shekari(These two dates are the early bloomers which mostly have local market), Kelute , Marde Snag, Halili, Khanizi, Roghani, Shahani, Zahedi, Khazravi, Rabi, Negar(a very elongated fruits), Gardyal
  • West Khozestan local varieties in dates include: Liluiy,Barhi,Zahedi,Diri, Ashkar, Berim, Halavi, Beliani, Suidani, Hadaak, Shekar, Bant-Al- Sab, Degel Zard, Khazraavi, Estemaran, Bubaki, Chab chaab, Mashtum, Jahromi, Amo bahri, Degel Sorkh, Farsi, Hedel, Khasab, Ham raavi, Hasavi, Eshagh, Juzi,
  • Narmashyrand and Bam local varieties in dates include : Mazafati (the world's finest fresh date), Kraut,Qand shekan (Crusher), Rabbi, Kharik, Helile

Date compounds:

Date contains more than 60% saccharine, 3 to 5% mineral elements,3% protein,6.1% fiber and 5% fat. Devouring 100 grams of date gives 300 calorie and energy. Date fruit is very energetic which can be easily fit into healthy diets. Its sap is the critical ingredient in cookies and sweet breads.

Date contains sugar and fiber which is healthy for humans. Fat contained in this food is low and can be absorbed. Date contains fibers such as poly saccharide like Selole and Pectin and Insoluble proteins.Digestive system cannot normally metabolism fibers. In ripe dates Sucrose shifts into changeable sugar which is a combination of glucose and fructose.

Date contains healthy fiber,7 vitamins and 11 minerals.

Date properties

  • Dates are beneficial for anemia because of the great amount of iron
  • Because dates contain magnesium it reduces the risk of cancer
  • Dates, enhances mental activity and is useful for kidney and prostate..
  • Dates are helpful  for kidney stones removal, rheumatism and diseases of the chest and can help resolve diarrhea
  • Eating dates is not helpful for mouth sores and blisters. Also consumed with yogurt is very harmful

Dates Fruit is nourishing and energizing and with minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, and vitamins B and E, can make the body's immune system protect the colon and stomach cancer.

Mobtakeran company is Date export sole-sale company of Iran date, including Zahedi, Pyarm, Mazafati, Saayer, Rabbi, Shahab and Khaasuyi, using direct price of the farmer or a price correction. In the following table you can become familiar with the types of dates export

Product name Features Pictures
  • point of production: Bam and Jiroftin Kerman and istan and Baluch estan ,Iran 
  • kind: moist
  • color:this kind of date varies from light brown to dark brown
  • point of production: Haji Abad in Hormozgan, Iran
  • kind: half dry and fruitful
  • color: dark brown
  • point of production: Khozestan, Iran
  • kind: half dry
  • color: dark brown
  • point of production: Dashtestan,Bushehr and Khuzestan,Iran
  • kind: dry
  • color: golden
  • point of production :Bushehr, Fars,Yazd,Iran
  • kind: moist
  • color:light brown
  • point of production: Sistan and Baluchestan,Iran
  • kind: half dry and fruitful
  • color: dark brown
  • point of production: Saad Abad Bushehr,Iran
  • kind: half dry
  • color: slightly light brown
  • point of production: Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Iran
  • kind: moist
  • color: brown


Given the importance of packaging in export sales and increase product quality and thanks to latest technological packaging for exportation and analysis of marketing team and commercial sector, All dates for the purpose of exportation are packaged in a beautiful box and paper box or customized in size and 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1000 g and health principles is provided in compliance with all

Note that if the date is properly packaged, it lasts up to 8 months. Therefore, with the usage of best packing materials and staff training in this field, we are trying to apply the proper standard packing to ensure customer satisfaction.

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