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About us

Mobtakeran sefaresh kala Trading co." was established in 2011 with the goal of development of Iran's exports and supply of raw materials to factories and domestic producers.This company is the most active company in export and import field among trading companies which at the time of its honest and creative activities can satisfy the customers with the benefit of experienced and professional personnel. providing marketing team with the benefit of latest modern methods of sales and marketing such as internet, email marketing, social network,e- buy and also traditional methods like telemarketing and participation in exhibitions to identify target markets and status developing of Iran's exports in the world and identifying .the needs of raw materials in domestic markets for factories, production units, etc.

Currently " mobtakeran sefaresh kala Trading co." is one ofthe saffron, dates and nuts (pistachios, smoked currant and currant sunshine) exporters, chemicals importer, and supplier of raw materials for textile industry. Raw materials provided  

By this company are:

•  Variety of textile dyes
•  Variety of textile auxiliary materials
•  Variety of chemicals and acidic substances

Given the importance of packaging in export, sales and increase product quality and using the latest packaging technological packaging for exportation and analysis of  marketing team and commercial sector, all exportation products are presented in beautiful packaging modes,such as paper cans, metal cans, cellophane and different varieties of customized boxes,while health principles is provided in compliance with all. mobtakeran sefaresh kala Trading co." does the following trading services for customers besides exportation and customer services.The most important of them are:

•  Import with exchangeable currencies 
•  Obtaining order registration 
•  Obtaining Iran code
•  Obtaining standards for products
•  Obtaining 2D code(shabnam Label)
•  Clearance from all the customs of the country

 Becoming one of the biggest exporters of Iranian products
 Export especial brand  products or share brand with manufacturers to develop exportation.

 Introduction and recognition Iranian products as a high-grade product with international standards to the international markets

•  Iranian export development especially agricultural products
•  Promotion and distribution of export-oriented thinking among Iranian merchants and manufacturers
•  Provide and supply high quality raw materials for domestic producers
•  Develop products imports and exports products potfolio
•  Use of e-commerce tools for developing Iranian products export and sales to domestic customers 
•  Contribute to the development of employment in the country with the increase in exportation
•  Providing guidelines to place export products among Islamic countries
•  Development and expanse of online marketing and sales for imported products (export marketing) and training efficient manpower for this purpose.

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Address: Gorund floor, no.13,Tabatabaee Moghadam Alley,Before Taleghani Sq.Taleghani Ave.Tehran.Iran. postal code: 1561934314

 Tel: +98-2177632502